Dấu Ấn Tử Thần 5: Tái Xuất Tập 1 - Server VIP FULLGod's Quiz 5: Reboot Episode 1 - Server VIP FULL

Dấu Ấn Tử Thần 5: Tái Xuất - God's Quiz 5: Reboot

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Season 4

S4, Ep1
18 May 2014
Red Tears
Jin-woo awakens after being in a coma for a year, to find that Kyeong-hee and the rest of the team are trying to track down a kidnapper of handicap people.
S4, Ep2
25 May 2014
Angel's Nails
As Jin-woo tries to forgive Kyeong-hee for asking In-gak to operate on him, the team investigates the murder of a policewoman who had reopened a rape case.
S4, Ep3
1 Jun. 2014
Serpentine Dance
The team receives a new member, Han Shi-wu, while investigating on the supposed suicide of a famous dancer. Kyeong-hee runs into her old high school boyfriend.
S4, Ep4
8 Jun. 2014
One Warm Day
The team investigates the murder of a former surgeon who performed illegal surgeries back in the 80s and 90s.
S4, Ep5
15 Jun. 2014
Dead Man Walking
The group tries to find a killer that is kidnapping women and stealing their clean organs. Meanwhile, someone is trying to kill Kyeong-hee.
S4, Ep6
22 Jun. 2014
Modern Times
Jin-woo goes undercover, as an office worker for a local company, in order to look deeper into the cause of death of one of the employees. Kyeong-hee looks deeper into Jae-joon's secret case.
S4, Ep7
29 Jun. 2014
The team investigates the death of a young student at an art school. Jin-woo and Kyeong-hee try to find out who is trying to kill her.
S4, Ep8
6 Jul. 2014
The team investigates the sudden death of a man who is immune to pain.
S4, Ep9
20 Jul. 2014
The Pianist's Lover
The team looks into the mysterious death of a famous pianist.
S4, Ep10
20 Jul. 2014
God's Nominee
By request, the team looks into a mother who's taken the blame for her son's crime (If that's truly what's going on).
S4, Ep11
27 Jul. 2014
Goodbye Moebius: Part 1
Shi-wu's abduction takes a backseat as attentions converge on pulling elements of the season-long mystery together, starting with bizarre revelations for Jin-woo.
S4, Ep12
3 Aug. 2014
Goodbye Moebius: Part 2
Without proof to bring down the irredeemable criminals legally, the team resorts to dirty tactics in a last ditch, caution-to-the-winds effort to rid the world of them.

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